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Bob's Red Mill<br>Chocolate Protein Powder<br>( 16 oz)
Available In:
Bob's Red Mill
Chocolate Protein Powder
( 16 oz)


Compare to: $29.99

Get your protein, fiber and probiotics on the go with Bob's Red Mill Chocolate Protein Powder Nutritional Booster! This unique blend is made from pea protein powder, chicory root fiber, chia seeds, beneficial probiotics, and monk fruit extract for a touch of sweetness. It is gluten free, vegan, a good source of omega-3, excellent source of iron, and high in protein and fiber.

Nature's Earthly Choice<br>Snack Bars<br>(2 pack)
Available In:
  • Golden Flax
  • Quinoa Crisp
  • Chia Crisp
Nature's Earthly Choice
Snack Bars
(2 pack)


Snack time just got a little healthier with our Superfood Snack Bars. In three delicious flavors: Chia, Quinoa and Flax, we make it easy to incorporate healthy foods into your diet – even on the go! These bars are high in fiber, peanut free, gluten free, dairy free and non-GMO. 

Haribo<br>Gummy Bears<br>(25.6oz-28.8oz)
Available In:
  • Sour
  • Original
Gummy Bears


Carefully selected ingredients and a recipe that has been continuously improved for over 90 years make Gold-Bears a great tasting treat. For generations, people around the world have been enjoying Gold-Bears and other Haribo products. Both children and adults trust the HARIBO brand and love Gold-Bears. Dr. Hans Riegel and Paul Riegel, the creators of Gold-Bears, had a vision which remains tradition today through the company's philosophy: "kids and grown-ups love it so, the happy world of HARIBO"!

New England Country Soup<br>(15 oz)
Available In:
  • Yankee White Bean
  • Caribbean Black Bean
New England Country Soup
(15 oz)


New England Country Soup was founded by three "foodies" frustrated with the traditional soup products on store shelves... they were neither as delicious nor as nutritious as homemade, and neither as convenient nor as environmentally responsible as they could be (not to mention very high in sodium!). They had a simple objective: make great tasting, good for you, shelf-stable soups with the same, all natural ingredients we use in our kitchen. And they wanted our soups to be easy to use and friendly to the environment. Great Ingredients. Great Taste. Good for you.

Popcorners<br>(24 Pack Variety Box)
Available In:
(24 Pack Variety Box)


Back by popular demand, and now in a new larger size, for the same price! 


Deciding between the crunchiness of chips and the airiness of popcorn? PopCorners combines both inside a kosher-certified, air-popped treat. The gluten-free snacks are made from natural ingredients and satisfy both sweet and savory cravings with flavors such as kettle and white cheddar. Enjoy chips on their own or as a scoop for creamy dip.

Kohana<br>Cold Brew Coffee<br>(8 oz)
Available In:
  • Vanilla
  • Volcanic Black
  • Island Latte
  • Caramel
Cold Brew Coffee
(8 oz)


Kohana Coffee is the brainchild of founder Victoria Lynden's adventure in the Hawaiian islands. In her journey to bring slow-roasted, beautifully blended coffee to all her customers, she learned about the Kohana, the small flower with long elegant white petals that unfolds to trumpet the arrival of the coffee bean.  She traveled to organic coffee farms to soak in the history and experience that creates the best raw beans in the most organic way. They watched and worked with the world’s finest roasters and processors, artisans large and small who roast integrity in every careful complex step. Kohana is born of the Islands. Where the water, the sun, the soil and the sea combine to create a unique universe of sensation and life.

Perugina Chocolate<br>(3.5 oz)
Available In:
  • Milk
  • Almond
  • Dark/Almond
  • Bittersweet 70%
  • Dark 51%
  • Hazelnut
Perugina Chocolate
(3.5 oz)


Perugina is a premium italian chocolate brand based in Perugia, Italy. The company was formed in 1907 by Giovanni Buitoni and Luisa Spagnoli, who was a confectioner in her own right. It was founded in the town of Perugia, which is located in central Italy. The company was introduced to the United States at the 1939 World's Fair in New York City, and has since become known for producing fine chocolates all around the world.

High Brew<br>Cold Brew Coffee<br>(8 oz)
Available In:
  • Double Espresso
  • Mexican Vanilla
  • Black and Bold
  • Salted Caramel
High Brew
Cold Brew Coffee
(8 oz)


Two boot-strapping entrepreneurs, David and Elizabeth Smith, sold the company they spent 13 years building. Soon after they embarked on the trip of a lifetime aboard a catamaran sailboat throughout the Caribbean to fulfill a life-long dream. They took their children out of school and home-schooled them on the boat while exploring every island from St. Thomas to Granada. But the need to stay alert through warm nights brought them to cold-brewed coffee and they realized they had another great idea on their hands: an ice-cold, premium coffee that could be convenient and portable. They're now cold-brewing beautiful Fair Trade Arabica beans over time, not heat, for the pure, smooth flavor with none of the acidity of your average joe. Their lightweight cans are palm-sized, made for you to grab and go,

Droste Pastilles<br>Fine European Chocolate<br>(3.5 oz)
Available In:
  • Dark
  • Milk/Dark
  • Milk/White
Droste Pastilles
Fine European Chocolate
(3.5 oz)


Droste was founded in 1863 in the city of Haarlem, Netherlands The company started as a confectionery business selling various types of candy, including the Droste chocolate pastilles that are still being sold today. Because of the growing reputation, the firm G.J. Droste opened its first factory in 1890. Today, Droste is distributed in more than 60 countries over 5 continents, driven by keen product development and modern production techniques.

Ahmad Tea<br>(20-Count)
Available In:
  • Mango Magic
  • Peach and Passion Fruit
  • Earl Grey
  • English Breakfast
  • English No. 1
  • Camomile and Lemongrass
Ahmad Tea


Ahmad Tea is a UK-based family business, drawing on four generations of tea blending and tasting experience. Founded on a passion for the finest tea, they are dedicated to the unique place that tea drinking commands at the heart of daily life in Britain and beyond. Ahmad Tea is renowned for the quality of its teas across the globe, and yet remains a family business, true to the vision that founded it.

Cadbury<br>Milk Chocolate Fingers<br>(4.4 oz)
Available In:
Milk Chocolate Fingers
(4.4 oz)


This scrumptious treat is a British national treasure, with the perfect combination of delicious Cadbury Milk chocolate and crunchy shortcake biscuit. Their unique finger-like shape makes treat time that little bit more fun! 

Boulder Canyon<br>Real Thin Pop<br>Popcorn<br>(4.15 oz)
Available In:
  • Avocado Oil / Sea Salt
  • Olive Oil White Cheddar
  • Coconut Oil / Sea Salt
Boulder Canyon
Real Thin Pop
(4.15 oz)


Boulder Canyon Authentic Foods got its start back in 1994 in Boulder Colorado selling a line of premium, kettle cooked potato chips in the natural food channel. They recognized that people were looking for healthier alternatives to traditional snacks and since then have focused on producing products with real food ingredients that are minimally processed. Over the years, they've expanded their product line and now have over have 30 unique better-for-you snacks.

Smart Juice<br>(33.8 oz)
Available In:
  • Apple/Pomegranate
  • Apple Tart
  • Antioxidant
  • Super Fruit
  • Strawberry/Apple
  • Black Mulberry/Cranberry
  • Pomegranate-Purple Carrot
Smart Juice
(33.8 oz)


Back by popular demand! Smart Juice uses organic fruit grown in the highest quality soil. No filler juices are added. Many juice companies boast about organic and natural 100% juices, but fail to mention that most of their “pomegranate” juice is actually apple juice, with just a small amount of pomegranate juice included. With Smart Juice, what you see is what you get. No filler juices. No harmful chemicals. No additives. No preservatives. Just pure 100% organic juice.

Hand Carved<br>Children's Stool
Available In:
Hand Carved
Children's Stool


Compare to: $24.99

Fall in love with our adorable new, hand carved and hand painted children's stools. These stools are handcarved in Thailand, from the Acacia Wood, and no two are the same! Choose between sheep, cats, bears and elephants. Perfect for young children, or as a gift!

Disney Frozen<br>Hideaway Pets Pillow
Available In:
Disney Frozen
Hideaway Pets Pillow


Compare to: $20

Coming soon to Job Lot - Disney Frozen HideAway Pet - 14 inch Olaf. What do you get with a HideAway Pet? Both a stuffed toy and a pillow! Open up to Play. Curl up and hide away.

Disney Frozen<br>Olaf Super Plush Throw Set
Available In:
Disney Frozen
Olaf Super Plush Throw Set


Compare to: $50

Just in time for the Holidays - Job Lot will be carrying a Frozen super plush throw set.  The shaped pillow looks just like the star of the popular Disney movie. The colorful fleece throw is coordinated to match, making this set the perfect gift for a Frozen fan. The 100 percent polyester Disney Frozen fleece throw is machine washable, making it easy to care for and maintain. Look for the $50 hang tag!

Waring Pro<br>2qt Mini Deep Fryer
Available In:
Waring Pro
2qt Mini Deep Fryer


Compare to: $49.99

The Waring Pro mini deep fryer is the perfect way to achieve delicious deep fried foods at home. It has a 1500-watt immersion style heating element for fast heat-up and recovery time. Deep-fry your favorite foods in the steel mesh basket with a cool-touch handle right in your own kitchen. Plus, the 2-quart removable enamel-coated oil container with pouring spout is dishwasher safe and makes changing the oil quick, easy and mess-free.

Available In:
22" Cantilevered Organizer


Compare to: $29.99

The convenient Cantilever Organizer 22 is a must-have for professionals or home craft enthusiasts looking for a reliable organizer to store small and medium sized components. With 27 removable bins and a cantilever system, the organizer will keep various accessories in perfect order. It can be conveniently transported anywhere thanks to the compact construction and the heavy-duty metal handle boasting a soft grip.

Handmade Kantha Quilts<br>One of a Kind<br>(100% Cotton • 60
Available In:
Handmade Kantha Quilts
One of a Kind
(100% Cotton • 60"×90")


Compare to: $69.99

Back by popular demand - the one of a kind, handmade Kantha quilts. Every throw is different, and each is 100% cotton. Some people use them as picnic blankets, table covers, furniture covers, quilts & even lap top blankets. You're going to love looking through this collection. 

Xtreme<br>Virtual Reality Headset
Available In:
Virtual Reality Headset


Compare to $10

Interested in checking out the world of Virtual Reality without breaking the bank? Job Lot has you covered. We'll be carrying the Xtreme Virtual Reality Headset - which allows you to engage panoramic 360 degree games and movies, right from your home. This product is designed for smartphones with screen sizes between 3.5"-6". Simple insert your phone, load up the correct content, and get transported to a world of virtual reality. An adjustable headband promises a comfortable fit.