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Baked in Brooklyn<br>Snacks
Available In:
  • Flat Bread
  • Sticks
  • Pita Crisps
Baked in Brooklyn


All natural, always twice baked, never fried. 0g Trans Fat.  No Cholesterol. No High Fructose Corn Syrup. With over 40 years experience baking top quality products there's something uniquely delicious about anything Baked in Brooklyn. Is it the water? Hard to know. What we do know is if it's baked In Brooklyn, it's gonna be good.

Walden Farms<br>All Natural Coffee Creamers<br>12 oz
Available In:
  • A variety of flavors
Walden Farms
All Natural Coffee Creamers
12 oz


Walden Farms Calorie Free Coffee Creamers are made with natural vanilla flavor, real chocolate from premium natural cocoa beans, natural cream flavor and natural hazelnut flavor. Rich natural flavors make these Coffee Creamers taste like none other you may have tasted. Great in coffee, smoothies, iced coffee, milk and more.

Robert Rothschild Farm<br>Organic Coffee<br>(12 oz)
Available In:
  • A variety of flavors
Robert Rothschild Farm
Organic Coffee
(12 oz)


Slow-roasted coffee beans bring out a fuller, smoother flavor with a delicate finish.

Nellie & Joe's<br>Key West Lime Juice<br>(16 oz)
Available In:
Nellie & Joe's
Key West Lime Juice
(16 oz)


This famous juice is the original and has long been the favorite choice of America's bakers when preparing the very best Key Lime Pies. Don't have a recipe for Key Lime Pie? Check this one out. http://keylimejuice.com/abrahams-key-lime-pie/

San Marzano<br>Whole Peeled Tomatoes<br>(28 Ounces)
Available In:
San Marzano
Whole Peeled Tomatoes
(28 Ounces)


Imported straight from Italy these renowned tomatoes are grown in the Sarno River Valley in Italy. Here the nutrient rich volcanic soil results in a less acidic tomato with fewer seeds. These tomatoes are picked at the peak of their ripeness resulting in the highest flavor and the best flavor texture and color. The D.O.P. mark on the label ensures the authenticity of the tomato cultivation methods. Be sure to look for this when you are looking for the right San Marzano Tomatoes for your recipes. Alessi San Marzano Tomatoes are perfect for any recipe using tomatoes especially stews soups or sauces.

ActivArmr Tactical Military<br />and Combat Gloves
Available In:
ActivArmr Tactical Military
and Combat Gloves


Compare to: $85 - $175

We scored a deal on a limited number of #ActivArmr #Tactical #Military and #Combat #Gloves due to arrive in stores in 3 weeks. Different gloves will have different features such as cold weather tactical gloves with sheep leather and super insulating #Gortex, flame resistant models and one highly specialized cut-resistant glove with a #Kevlar weave -- 8 models in all. The manufacturer, Ansell, manufacturers in the U.S. for specialized industries: mining, heavy construction, automotive and the military, which is how we came to own this selection. Learn more about Ansell, and ActivArmr here: http://www.activarmr.com/military. These are $85-175 gloves, at Job Lot for $10 (not a typo). You'll need to purchase the gloves at our Customer Service Desk...they're too special (and too few) to leave on the open floor.

My Talking Toddler<br>Early Communication Development System<br> 9-Disc Set
Available In:
My Talking Toddler
Early Communication Development System
9-Disc Set


Compare to: $194.99

My Talking Toddler's Early Communication System increases your child's learning ability and communication skills by using repeated vocalization, engaging visual prompts, simple sign language, and a stimulating and fun introduction into sight reading. The Beginning Speech - Volume 1 collection introduces your child to the learning of exciting new concepts of speech, reading and communication. Along with using proven methods recommended by Pediatricians, Child Psychologists, and Speech Pathologists, My Talking Toddler's Volume 1 is a highly engaging, age-appropriate, nine-disc learning system, consisting of six DVDs and three additional CDs. With the use of charming characters, interesting toys, stimulating music and visual prompts, My Talking Toddler makes learning fun and exciting for the entire family. Includes 6 DVDs: Sign Language, P,B & M, Vocabulary, Verbs!, Animals and Body Parts Also 3 CDs: Bedtime Stories 1 & 2 and Songs For Me.


Think our "Compare To" is a typo? Think again...here it is on Amazon - My Talking Toddler.


A 97% savings on an exceptional product...the Job Lot Buyer who negotiated this one oughta get a raise.


Bear Creek </br> Macaroni and Cheese </br> (10.2 oz)
Available In:
Bear Creek
Macaroni and Cheese
(10.2 oz)


If you want a rich, creamy meal that’s easy to make, you’ll love Bear Creek Macaroni & Cheese. Whether you’re looking for fun bear shapes for the kids, familiar little noodles, or larger family-style pasta, just add water and watch your whole family go wild for more.

   PURE Chocolate Truffles </br> (5.11 oz)
Available In:
  • 1.4oz- 79¢ 2.6oz-$1.50
PURE Chocolate Truffles
(5.11 oz)


Pure Chocolate makes wonderful chocolate truffles using genuine Belgian chocolate with delicious fillings that are perfect as a gift or in the quiet of a special moment at home.  

Gillian’s </br> Home-Style Stuffing </br> (8 oz)
Available In:
Home-Style Stuffing
(8 oz)


Gillian’s Gluten-Free Home-Style Stuffing is perfect for the holidays or as a side dish. Or, if you are feeling adventurous try experimenting with stuffing meatloaf or even stuffing pizza. Believe it.


Check it out


Gillian’s </br> Garlic Croutons </br> (5 oz)
Available In:
Garlic Croutons
(5 oz)


Gillian’s shelf stable Gluten and Wheat Free croutons are a tasty addition to your meals with just the right combination of spices and flavors. It makes a great Caesar salad or, enjoy atop your favorite soup. 

Gillian’s </br> Italian Gluten Free Breadcrumbs </br> (12 oz)
Available In:
Italian Gluten Free Breadcrumbs
(12 oz)


Say gluten free and the first thing that comes to mind is tasteless cardboard. Fact is most gluten free products don’t have much taste to them. But there are exceptions. Use these breadcrumbs to liven up your next fish or chicken dish or, use as a tasty binder for a meatloaf or meatball. All of the taste without the gluten. 

Les Comtes de Provence Preserves </br> (13 oz)
Available In:
  • Strawberry
  • Black Currant
  • Peach
  • Pear
  • Red Raspberry and Black Raspberry
Les Comtes de Provence Preserves
(13 oz)


When one of our fine food representatives offered us this jar of preserves we didn't quite know what to make of it. With so many labels it looked like a suitcase which had made it's way across Europe. And we were not too far off.
Les Comtes de Provence preserves are known throughout Europe as a top-shelf (and pricey) product made using truly old-school techniques and a nearly extinct attention to detail. These preserves are carefully crafted in small batches, and rarely leave the continent. We were offered a limited supply of their top-selling flavors on the condition that each jar be re-labeled in accordance with USA packaging specifications, 
It was a lot of work for a jar of preserves. But we think they're worth it.
Let us know if you agree.
Annie’s </br> Cheddar Bunnies </br> (7.5 oz)
Available In:
Cheddar Bunnies
(7.5 oz)


Baked with organic wheat flour and real aged cheddar, Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies are tasty and wholesome. They are ideal for toddler-sized hands, but their crispy crunch and real cheesy flavor will tempt snackers of all ages to eat them by the handful. 

Stockmeyer </br> Gherkin Pickles </br> (22.5 oz)
Available In:
Gherkin Pickles
(22.5 oz)


 Stockmeyer Gherkin Pickles are an irresistible low calorie snack right out of the jar. Or, cut them into spears or chips and put them alongside your favorite sandwich. Stockmeyer Gherkin pickles are always crunchy and delicious and ready for snacking on the go. 

Bauducco Panettone </br> (17.5 oz)
Available In:
Bauducco Panettone
(17.5 oz)


This Italian not-too-sweet dessert cake is perfect for a gift or enjoyed with a cup of coffee. We offer two varieties; With Sun Maid raisins or Hershey’s chocolate. Whichever variety your sweet tooth prefers.

Weight Watchers Cereal </br> (12-14 oz)
Available In:
Weight Watchers Cereal
(12-14 oz)


Jazz up breakfast by starting your day with Weight Watchers cereals as part of a well-balanced breakfast that also tastes great. No matter what cereal you try, with three flavors to choose from you’re sure to find a favorite. 

Perrier Citron Water </br> 6-pack </br> (16.9 oz)
Available In:
Perrier Citron Water
(16.9 oz)


Whether you’re on the go or at home, enjoy the distinct sparkling refreshment of Perrier with a subtle infusion of lemon-lime flavor in this convenient 0.5-Liter plastic bottle. With the 6-Pack, you’ll have plenty of Perrier to share for any occasion and, with no sugar or calories, it’s a healthy alternative to sugary beverages or soda.

Better Oats Oatmeal  </br> (11.6 oz)
Available In:
Better Oats Oatmeal
(11.6 oz)


Better Oats Oatmeal starts with thick and hearty 100% whole grain oats, real fruit, and a bold shot of flavor. Then heart healthy antioxidants and flax seed are added for an Omega-3 boost.  All combined to create a chewy delicious oatmeal that keeps its rich, robust flavor all the way to your bowl.  Available in three delicious flavors.