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TGI Friday’s Chips
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TGI Friday’s Chips


T.G.I. Friday’s Chips feature tasty potatoes and real potato skins for a taste that is sure to “wow” everyone around the snack bowl. This is a definite crowd pleaser … just make sure to have plenty

Keebler Townhouse Crackers </br> ( 13.8 oz)
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Keebler Townhouse Crackers
( 13.8 oz)


These party staples make the perfect pair with lots of toppings and dips. Try it with everything from your favorite hazelnut spread to flavored cream cheese and cured meats. 

Hero's Preserves </br> (12 oz)
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Hero's Preserves
(12 oz)


Hero Preserves and Fruit Spreads have been enjoyed by jam lovers for over 120 years. They are also the preferred choice of top bakery chefs for complementing artisan breads, pastries, and desserts. The fruits used in Hero’s preserves are picked plump and juicy, and cooked into a rich jam with an ideal spoonable texture. Spread on a scone, add to oatmeal, or use as a sauté base for a new approach to chicken

Ruth’s Cereal </br> (12 oz)
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Ruth’s Cereal
(12 oz)


Chia Goodness is a new concept in breakfast cereal. The ingredients are completely raw - just stir in milk or water, hot or cold, and wait a few minutes for it to thicken, giving it the comfort quality of oatmeal. Chia is combined with shelled hempseed, a great source of protein, essential fatty acids and trace minerals, and other grains, fruits and seeds to give you the best breakfast ever. Our flavors include Apple Almond Cinnamon, Cranberry Ginger, and Chocolate. 

Barbera </br> Extra Virgin Olive Oil </br> (16.9 oz)
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Extra Virgin Olive Oil
(16.9 oz)


 Barbera Extra Virgin Olive Oil is harvested between October and November and pressed within 12 hours. The result is an extra virgin olive oil with an intense aroma, and a rounded and fragrant taste. Barbera Extra Virgin Olive Oil is truly unique, with an aroma and taste that come together to create an exemplary result. Great for use on salads, fish, and so much more. 

Thai Tea </br> (16.2 oz)
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Thai Tea
(16.2 oz)


Thai Tea is a popular, refreshing, and tasty drink served all over the world.Spiced with anise seed, this native-grown tea blended with milk and natural cane sugar makes for a taste that’s light and creamy.Served chilled, or to enjoy a Hot Latte, just pour into a microwave safe container and microwave for one minute.

Sesame King<br>Tahini Paste </br> (1 lb)
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Sesame King
Tahini Paste
(1 lb)


Tahini is a sesame paste made from hulled and roasted sesame seeds. Our Sesame King Tahini is all-natural, with a subtle, delightful aroma, rich with texture and delicious taste. It’s the staple of Middle Eastern cooking, and the tasty foundation of hummus, baba ghannoush, halvah, and dozens of delicious sauces and dressings.


Don’t have a hummus recipe of your own? Try this one.




3 cups chickpeas cooked to tender or canned, drained and rinsed

1 Tbsp. fresh crushed garlic

1 cup Sesame King Tahini Paste

1/2 cup fresh lemon juice

2 Tbsps. cold water

1 tsp. salt



Puree the chickpeas and garlic in a food blender, add the Tahini, lemon juice, cold water and salt. Puree another minute or two until the mixture becomes very smooth.

Add more water as needed for desired thicknesss.


Colavita <br>Organic Balsamic Vinegar </br> (17 oz)
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Organic Balsamic Vinegar
(17 oz)


Compare to $7.99

Certified organic and pesticide free, Colavita's Aged Balsamic Vinegar embodies the sweet, fruity flavors of Trebbiano grapes. In addition to salad dressings, try adding balsamic vinegar to slow-cooked foods like soup or beans, or use as a deglazing liquid for meat based sauces. 

Patsy’s Pasta Sauce </br> (24 oz)
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  • Various Flavors
Patsy’s Pasta Sauce
(24 oz)


Sauce purists consider jarred pasta sauces to be beneath their dignity. However, this sauce can pass as homemade. Doctor it up with a bit of this and that, but it isn't necessary. We're all for anything that makes life easier, but doesn't compromise on quality, or authenticity of ingredients. This is an authentic-tasting Italian sauce your family and guests will think is homemade, and you don't have to let them know otherwise.

Bob’s Red Mill</br> 1-1 Gluten Free Baking Flour </br> (5 lbs)
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Bob’s Red Mill
1-1 Gluten Free Baking Flour
(5 lbs)


Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free 1-to-1 Baking Flour makes it easy to transform traditional recipes to gluten free. With its innovative 1-1 ratio, there is no need for complicated measurements.  Simply follow your favorite baking recipe, replacing the wheat flour with this extraordinary blend. It is specially formulated for baked goods with unique taste and texture – no additional specialty ingredients or custom recipes required. Ideal for cookies, cakes, brownies, muffins, and more.


Available in: 

22oz for $3.99

5lbs for $12.99

Milo’s Dog Treats </br> (22 oz)
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Milo’s Dog Treats
(22 oz)


We could tell you that these treats taste great but that would be weird, because we're not dogs. Like humans, dogs have preferences in what they like to eat. What we can tell you is that Milo's treats are made without artificial flavors or colors, right here in the USA. As for their taste, we suggest you ask your dog (See tail for clues) 

Pacific Organic </br> Almond Chocolate Drink </br> (4-Pack)
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Pacific Organic
Almond Chocolate Drink


With only 100 calories per serving Pacific Organic Almond Chocolate Drink is the perfect low fat alternative to the uber sweet stuff you know you don't need. Try it in a smoothie, as a shot in your AM coffee or straight from the carton. Best served chilled.

Campbell’s Chunky </br> Mushroom Burger Soup </br> (18oz)
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Campbell’s Chunky
Mushroom Burger Soup


For years Campbell's Mushroom Soup has been a mealtime staple enjoyed by millions. Well, someone got bored in Campbell's Research & Development Department and decided to up their game. They've added a ton of burger chunks and swiss cheese to make this a real deal meal, in a bowl. Give it a try. Tell us what you think. 

Grey Poupon Mustard </br> (10 oz)
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Grey Poupon Mustard
(10 oz)


Remember those hoity-toity TV commercials portraying Grey Poupon as the Dijon of choice for those who can afford the best? Well, they were right, at least according to foodies in the know. The folks at Grey Poupon use an ages-old recipe to create a golden concoction that's both subtle and assertive, making it a perfect addition to vinaigrettes, marinades and sauces. We've not found a Dijon as good, nor a price as low as ours.

Chi Chi’s Salsa </br> (16 oz)
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Chi Chi’s Salsa
(16 oz)


In the hours it would take to assemble and prepare all that goes into Chi-Chi's salsa...ingredients like vine-ripened tomatoes, sweet onions, crisp green peppers, sweet corn, jalapenos and a slew of herbs and seasonings...just think of the summertime fun you could be having. Life is short. And Chi-Chi's is THAT good.

Tactical Rescue Life Jacket
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Tactical Rescue Life Jacket


Compare to: $134.96

It's killing us not to able to tell you the brand of this Tactical Rescue Life Jacket but that was the deal we made...they provide their best product (quite possibly the best on the market) and we agree not to advertise their name. But one look at the quality features and construction of this life jacket (not to mention the label) and there's no doubt, this is a honey of deal. This Tactical Rescue Life Jacket is specifically designed for the unique demands of high intensity water work.


Features include; a front dual buckle and zippered closure that offers the option to unzip for added ventilation without altering the fit; a unique cowtail management option with an adjustable carabineer loop and magnetic web strap for quick release. This is a Coast Guard Certified product. 

Brad’s Organic </br> Peanut Butter </br> (32 oz)
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Brad’s Organic
Peanut Butter
(32 oz)


Made with certified USDA organic peanuts, this peanut butter not only tastes great, it also contains no hydrogenated oils, no added sugars and no artificial ingredients. High quality good-for-you products with top-shelf ingredients generally cost more, and this peanut butter is no exception -- it's worth every dime the higher-end specialty grocers are charging. But this is Job Lot, we specialize in quality, for less.

Lazzaroni Cookies </br> (7 oz)
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Lazzaroni Cookies
(7 oz)


Our Lazzaroni Amaretti cookies are imported from Italy, produced according to a centuries-old recipe that includes a handful of simple ingredients of uncompromising quality. With the unmistakable flavor of almonds, apricot and anise Lazzaroni Amaretti cookies offer a traditional Italian pastry at it's best.

Bertolli Balsamic Vinegar </br> (25.5 oz)
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Bertolli Balsamic Vinegar
(25.5 oz)


We've carried Bertolli's balsamic vinegar before and folks never believe us when we say "get it while it lasts"...until it's gone and their garden fresh tomatoes and fresh mozzarella is screaming for the slightly sweetish sour note only a quality balsamic can offer. So, we'll say it again...we only have so much of this, a good quality balsamic at a better-than good price. Be forewarned.

Beanitos </br> (6 oz)
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(6 oz)


Beanitos are an honestly delicious snack made from super nutritious beans that have fiber and protein grown right in them. They’re real food, full of crunchy flavor and free of preservatives. Choose from six different varieties with flavors like Nacho Cheese and Chipotle BBQ.  Perfect with your favorite guacamole or salsa, or all by their unadorned selves

Famous Maker </br> PFD's
Available In:
Famous Maker


From the #1 brand in personal flotation devices these vests have soft, breathable quick-drying nylon that is comfortable against the skin. The flotation foam is soft and flexible to ensure comfortable range of motion. Its front-zip design allows easy on/off while the elastic waist and large armholes improve comfort. Adjustable webbing on the sides allows for a more secure fit. Super comfortable, exceptionally priced low-profile PFD provides a customized, sure fit for weekend adventurers and day-trippers, alike.



Volksvest Compare to $59.99 - our price $19.99!

Riverine Adult Life Jacket Compare to $62.95 - our price $19.99!

Chica Canoe/Kayak Vest Compare to $69.95 - our price $19.99!

Brad’s Organic Pasta Sauce </br> (26 oz)
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  • 6 varieties
Brad’s Organic Pasta Sauce
(26 oz)


Slow cooked for a rich, smooth texture, Brad’s Organic Pasta Sauce is a key ingredient in favorite meals such as pasta, meat loaf, chili, stews, casseroles, and Mexican dishes. With a variety of flavors from which to choose, you'll likely find a sauce that's perfect with your favorite recipe. Or, if you're feeling particularly adventuresome visit www.bradsorganic.com for a new recipe

Skippy Singles </br> ( 6 1.5oz Containers)
Available In:
Skippy Singles
( 6 1.5oz Containers)


Bring big peanut-buttery taste wherever you go with new snack-size singles. Great for dipping and perfect for packing, it’s easy to enjoy a smooth, delicious snack anytime and anywhere

Sun-Dried Tomato Halves </br> (32 oz)
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Sun-Dried Tomato Halves
(32 oz)


Start with the best plum tomatoes you can find, use the sun to gently coax out all the excess moisture and what you have left is pure tomato flavor so pure and simple you'll hesitate mixing it with any other ingredients for fear of spoiling perfection. Overly dramatic you say?....you've never tried these!


Offer on it's own, with an antipasto, or in a favorite recipe. Don't have a favorite recipe that uses sun dried tomatoes? Try this:



Flipz White Fudge Pretzels </br> (5 oz)
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Flipz White Fudge Pretzels
(5 oz)


Uber-crunchy pretzels with just enough salt, generously bathed in white fudge. With these gems nearby even Ishtar is a watchable movie (scratch that, no snack is THAT good)

French's Picnic Pack
Available In:
French's Picnic Pack


Two picnic faves for the price of one most everywhere else.


20 oz Ketchup

14 oz Mustard

Oreck Touch Bagless Vacuum
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Oreck Touch Bagless Vacuum


Compare to: $299.00

This ain’t your grandmother’s vacuum.


If you’re looking for a weighty unresponsive vacuum that has difficulty cleaning off the beaten path, don’t read any further…this isn’t a machine for you.


 The Oreck Touch Upright is a powerful, easy-to-use bagless vacuum designed to make cleaning easy. Offered by Oreck but designed by consumers, the Touch is loaded with easy-to-use intuitive features, including an in-handle power switch, quick-draw power wand, clean-hands dirt canister, floating head for all floor types and lay flat swivel steering that conveniently gets under and around furniture. With No Loss of Suction, the four stage multi -cyclonic filtration includes a rinsable canister cup filter and a rinsable HEPA exhaust filter which means zero replacement cost.


 The list of features goes on and on…but do yourself a favor and check out what others are saying about the Touch.



…and while you’re online, check out the prices.


Perhaps one of the best vacuum values we’ve ever offered.

Lucky Leaf Apple Juice </br> (64 oz)
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Lucky Leaf Apple Juice
(64 oz)


Lucky Leaf Premium Apple Juice isn't like the apple juice you've always known. It doesn't look like the apple juice you've always known. Or taste like it. It tastes like biting into a crisp, juicy, perfectly ripe apple. Made from 100% pure pressed apple juice, Lucky Leaf Premium Apple Juice is never sweetened and never concentrated. 

Hershey’s Unsweetened Cocoa Powder </br> (8 oz)
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Hershey’s Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
(8 oz)


Push all of your desserts to a decadent level. Hershey’s classic unsweetened, cocoa powder is ideal for hot cocoa, frostings, cakes, brownies and other chocolate desserts. With its rich, smooth and wonderful chocolate flavor anything ordinary can be elevated to extraordinary.  

Herr’s Extra Crunchy </br> Kettle Chips </br> (7 oz)
Available In:
Herr’s Extra Crunchy
Kettle Chips
(7 oz)


Experience the delicious taste of nature's finest potatoes, hand-cooked in small batches in pure vegetable oil and sprinkled with just the right amount of Chipotle or Honey Sriracha flavor. Specially formulated for extra crispness, Herr's Kettle Cooked Potato Chips are thicker and keep their crunch longer - perfect for dipping or snacking. We think you'll agree these are the tastiest, most wholesome, all natural potato chips you'll ever munch.

E. D. Smith Preserves </br> (17.5 oz)
Available In:
E. D. Smith Preserves
(17.5 oz)


Since 1882 E. D. Smith has been making their delicious preserves using fresh fruit bursting with flavor. Their cooks use just the right amount of sugar in their preserves for a light and lively sweet taste – with only ½ the calories of regular jam!


Open a jar and enjoy the luscious taste on pastries, bagels or topping your favorite desserts. Or slather it on hot buttered toast or English muffins or mix it with hot cereal to get your day off to a delicious start. With 7 varieties to choose from, everyone can find a flavor that they love. 

Available In:

SAVE 50%

“This is my second AeroBed Inflatable Mattress. The first one, which was designed and marketed by AeroBed itself, lasted for over 12 years. Since I bought my original one, Coleman took over AeroBed and redesigned the product while also dropping its price point. I was worried at first when I learned about this. When my new AeroBed mattress arrived, I realized my worries were unfounded. The design changes definitely improve the product's ease of use while also making it physically lighter and sturdier. Plus, it's quieter and faster to inflate and easier to deflate and roll up. What's not to love? Great job, Coleman!”


  2013 Amazon Customer


Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


We suggest you visit Amazon.com and read for yourself what Aerobed customers are saying. While you’re there, check out their prices. 


We’ve got three sizes…all at OMG blow out prices


9” Single High Twin Size -         $39.99   Compare to $79.99


16” Double High Queen Size -   $69.99   Compare to $139.99


Comfort Embrace Queen Size - $99.99   Compare to $199.99

New Harbor Coffee </br> (16oz)
Available In:
New Harbor Coffee


This full body roast is bursting with intense flavor and little-to-no acidity -- not unlike the famous coffeehouse blends (but at 1/2 the coffeehouse price) 

Black Bean Crunchers </br> (17 oz)
Available In:
Black Bean Crunchers
(17 oz)


Looking for a great summer snack? Look no further. Black Bean Crunchers are chock full of flavor and protein with a hint of spice. These crunchers would taste great in your trail mix, over a salad, or just by themselves. Give it a try and let us know what you think. 


Colavita Olive Oil </br> (17 oz)
Available In:
Colavita Olive Oil
(17 oz)


“Perfectly pure”, “supremely delicious” and “wonderfully balanced” – are just a few of the words olive oil reviewers had to offer about this oil.


 We agree.


This is an impressive extra virgin olive oil that hails from one of Italy's foremost olive oil families, Colavita. Use to compliment a fresh crusty bread, a light pasta or perhaps a mild fish. No need to over-flavor – the quality of this oil stands on it’s own.


 Shop the gourmet shops and you’ll pay 2x more.

Virginia Peanuts </br> (1 lb)
Available In:
Virginia Peanuts
(1 lb)


There are hundreds of peanut varieties on the planet, Virginia Peanuts are the king. They are the most sought after peanut in the world for their crunchy large kernels, distinctively unique taste, and high nutritional value.


For those with a sweet tooth, we think that the honey roasted variety is the perfect combination of salty and sweet. If sweets are not your thing, then the roasted peanut variety kissed with just a hint of sea salt may be more to your taste.


Being number one usually necessitates a high price point. Only Ocean State Job Lot can get you a lot more for a lot less. 



Chocolate Covered </br> Banana Chips </br> (15 oz)
Available In:
Chocolate Covered
Banana Chips
(15 oz)


Words can hardly describe how delicious these chocolate covered banana chips are. We were barely able to stop eating them to take this picture and soon after that they disappeared altogether. These crispy and crunchy banana chips are drenched in quality milk chocolate and are a fantastic addition to ice cream, trail mix, or straight out of the bag.

Speedo Swim Diaper
Available In:
Speedo Swim Diaper


Compare to $15.00 / SAVE 66%

Speedo is widely regarded as the world's #1 swimwear brand...so when they offered us one of their most popular new products, the Speedo Swim Diaper, at an OMG price, we jumped at the opportunity.


The Speedo Swim Diaper is specially designed for children to enjoy swimming pools before they're fully potty trained. Each diaper features a double lining, a tie at the waist and snug elastic at each leg opening that effectively keeps the mess inside the diaper. These are an affordable alternative to disposable swim diapers and, like most reusable swim diapers are machine washable, just like cloth diapers. However, that does you little good if your child makes a mess at the pool while wearing his one and only reusable swim diaper. Consider having a couple of these swim diapers on hand so you can change your little one without having to cut your pool time short.


Our Speedo Swim Diaper selection offers styles for girls and boys, and a range of sizes. All include UV-50 sun protection to protect your little honey's buns from the sun. 

Description: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/images/cleardot.gif

Not tried a reusable swim diaper before? 


Give this one a shot and let us know what you think.

Sriracha Hot Sauce </br> (28 oz)
Available In:
  • Original
Sriracha Hot Sauce
(28 oz)


Sriracha is made from sun ripened chilies which are ground into a smooth paste along with garlic. It is excellent in soups, sauces, pastas, pizzas, hot dogs, hamburgers, chowmein or on anything else to give it a delicious, spicy taste.

South Beach </br> Diet Smoothies </br> (4-pack)
Available In:
  • Chocolate Truffle
South Beach
Diet Smoothies


Tired of eggs or oatmeal for breakfast? Take a break from traditional morning meals and grab a healthy, delicious smoothie instead. Smoothies are easy to prepare, and they’re a great option if you’re pressed for time in the morning. Creamy, smooth and chocolaty, these delicious Chocolate Truffle 100-Calorie Smoothies will curb your cravings and satisfy your sweet tooth.

Ferrara Polenta Pronto </br> (2 lbs)
Available In:
Ferrara Polenta Pronto
(2 lbs)


A common dish in northern Italy, polenta often takes the place of bread, potatoes, or other starches. Only yellow cornmeal is used in polenta, and like most cornmeal dishes, it is quite versatile and may be served with any number of different foods and sauces. It can also be chilled, sliced,baked or fried.

Biscoff Cookies </br> (8.8oz)
Available In:
Biscoff Cookies


Experience the unique flavor and crunchy texture of Biscoff cookies imported from Europe. Since 1932, Biscoff cookies have been Europe’s coffee break favorite. Delectably crunchy, with a caramelized flavor, Biscoff cookies are the perfect treat for the timeout that you deserve.


These crispy European cookies can be enjoyed all by themselves or complemented with a beverage, and are the same delightful cookies that travelers fell in love with from in-flight distribution.

Jardine's Hot Sauce </br> (5oz)
Available In:
  • Texas Kicker
Jardine's Hot Sauce


D.L. Jardine's Texas Kicker XX Hot Habanero Pepper Sauce is extra hot and extra delicious!  Made from the finest habaneros in the world, you'll enjoy the flavor as much as you enjoy the heat. For those who yearn for more kick than is found in traditional pepper sauce. Made with just the right amount of habenero peppers to put a little extra giddy-up in your stride!

Heinz Ketchup </br/> (14oz)
Available In:
  • Organic
  • No Salt
Heinz Ketchup


Heinz Ketchup begins with their own Heinz proprietary seeds produced by the HeinzSeed program. Each year they send out six billion tomato seeds to the farmers who grow their tomatoes. The farmer’s produce tomatoes that are firm, juicy and incredibly rich – just perfect for making America’s Favorite Ketchup.


Before Heinz even begins making Ketchup, their tomatoes are being nurtured by a group of farmers that they consider members of the Heinz family. The farmers who grow their tomatoes have been doing it for generations. And the farmers are as proud of Heinz Ketchup as Heinz itself.


You can be sure no genetic-modification techniques are used to grow Heinz tomatoes. Their partners at HeinzSeed use only traditional breeding techniques. Years of trial have resulted in a tomato with extraordinarily flavorful taste, thick texture and firm flesh – compliments of Mother Nature.


All this research also has resulted in tomatoes that are good for the environment. Heinz tomato varieties are high-yield, which means they can produce more with the same or less water and fertilizer. They also have been able to improve disease resistance so the growers can reduce their use of pesticides.